Random thought in one post

Its been long time I didn’t write in this blog, as you can guess, due to my own laziness and this already in worst level. Hhh, i guess now i just want to write random thought in today posting. Although, writing is not easy things but not difficult things too cause in my own opinion its depend on how huge knowledge, information, experiences, etc that you got in to your brain :D.

In my case, nowadays I lost my interest in reading and writing so make me lazy all the time.
“Huh, that just an excuse!”

“Ha, I guess you right hahaha”

My own excuse to upgrade my own ability in reading, observing, and writing…
Run away again from improving my self, geez…
I just felt that day by day my life quality became useless, wasting time, no spirit of life, etc.

Why this can be happened? hhh no idea how I can answer my own question. I swallow my own word “NATO” cause questions always come in to my brain but I don’t get up to do action for find the answers. I just sit / lay down without do nothing and no w…

Exercise in the morning :P

Most of people didn't like Monday but most of people said every day is good day.


For me, Monday is so so day hahaha cause everyday is good too :p lol.


Today, i almost not like Monday morning. Why? Cause my motorbike got puncture in my -no idea in English please correct it- back/rear tire :'(.

I went out from my house a bit earlier -lucky enough so not coming late to the office- and in the middle of way to station -i guess 500 meter - 1 KM again- i felt i ride my motorbike in the middle of rock road hahaha and when i checked it, i saw my tire is leaking :| i just wanna cry to see it -the matter is on tire, not on engine- cause its still in the morning -usually they open at 7 - 8 A.M- and most of motor service still closed :'(.

With heavy feeling, i push my motor bike, i walk with my motor bike :'( Its exercise in the morning because the road is uphill road. My hands and feet worked harder to push and hold the motor bike to keep in balance. I just walked 200 me…

The night, the moon and the dark

Oh, i forgot after watching cinema i took few pictures in the middle of my walk to train station from the mall.

No story here just a pictures.


Yes, all the pictures taken by my self with my oppo...


Will you marry me?

Before i write to the main title, i just want to complain about blogger apps in my mobile. It not friendly user for my own opinion cause sometimes in between mobile and web not up to date, for example: if i deleted draft via web so the draft in mobile apps still there unless i deleted "again" via mobile *sigh*.

Anyhow, to make different what i posted via mobile or web just in signature. Via mobile my own signature is -sNy- and via web my own signature is -as you always seeing here- LvP.

Ok, let's begin with my main subject in today posting "will you marry me?"

No idea why suddenly i was thinking about this while i was in the middle of way home after watching cinema -not to near from my house, lol- in Bintaro Xchange Mall. Maybe it causes from the movie effect -Stonehearst Asylum about lunatic man fall in love with lunatic girl- or the light moon effect? lol

Kidding! Not because of that, i guess this matter unconsciously always in my mind after i realize about …

Halal in every aspect

Yeaaay after time searching journal halal in bookstore I found it via online. I just knew this journal just available by online only so no wonder I was difficult to find in book store lol. Inside the journal explain everything that i must concern what is inside my snacks, drink, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetic, etc or knowledge about eating in restaurant, cafe, etc.

A lots of halal thing that i must need learn, understand, remember and apply which can make my head ache for the first time i read :P until i have thought "Its easier  if i became vegetarian so no need head ache to think about this things" but hey as vegetarian from carnivore not so that's easy too hahaha.

I almost give up and lost my interest spirit to learn about this. Plus, at that time not much food or restaurant or cosmetic or etc has Halal MUI Logo -i guess this just an excuse only from my laziness hehe-.


Step by step I interested to learn "again" and faced the hard moment "t…

Durian. Do you like it?

Most of people out or in Asia didn't like the taste or the smell of durian. They didn't like the smell that too sharp and stinky or the taste like musty custard,  no idea why that can be happened cause for me durian is tasty and delicious. But, I guess it's like you love milk and I hate it lol. Last Friday night, I met old friend of my friend "mb Ika" just for culinary. Mb Ika's friend name is chipluk (her nick name) wanted to eat nasi goreng (fried rice) in Jakarta cause she said already long time didn't eat there after she changed her job in different area. Actually, mb ika already want durian for long time so she decided to eat together with chipluk lol.  It's fun when u eat durian with your friends in the side of street. Mb ika and chipluk chosen the durian cause am totally blind about good durian, I just know how to eat it hahaha. They chosen medium one and it's enough for us. If we didn't eat nasi goreng before so definitely we would eat…